• Intelligent Wafer Thickness Measurement System
  • Intelligent Wafer Thickness Measurement System

Intelligent Wafer Thickness Measurement System

Model : SE-5AT3


Intelligent Wafer Thickness Measurement System

For semiconductor wafer grinding, thinning process or chemical vapor deposition (CVD), epitaxy, and film forming process, there will be a need for thickness monitoring it also provides accurate measurement of wafer bow, warpage or thickness uniformity generated during the analysis process.

Using a non-contact capacitive displacement sensor module or a white light conjugate foci displacement module, together with a high-precision displacement platform for full-plane scanning, the multi-point wafer thickness real-time measurement data can be obtained within a few seconds.

In addition, an optional wafer diameter measurement module can measure the wafer size accurately and quickly by using optical contour image processing technology. The system can also integrate four-point probes to measure surface resistivity and P/N TYPE to achieve multi-function measurement in one machine. The built-in point path of the software includes 5, 9, 37 points and a custom point path to achieve multi-point measurement information of the wafer; the system can also read the Wafer ID information of the wafer. It is equipped with square porous ceramic vacuum suction cups and positioning fixtures, which are suitable for various shapes of objects to be sided, and are compatible with 2”4”5”6”8”12” wafer measurement.

Advantages and Features

 → It can automatically generate reports to reduce transcription errors by human operators.

 → It can automatically display the position of the highest and lowest point of the wafer.

 → Wafer thickness measurement data at each point.

 → The measurement results can be output in the report, and can be connected to the application programming interface (API) to transfer the measurement results to integrate with the client’s internal system.