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Founded in 2017

A technology company dominated by advanced optical technology, Tainan Madou's local AI+AOI intelligent optical equipment manufacturer, is a leading enterprise of Teflon processing products in Taiwan and a related enterprise of BUENO Technology. We actively invest in product development in optical related fields, from optical path structure, algorithm development, to mechanism design and assembly, all of which are directly manufactured and sold by the original factory in Taiwan, and after-sales one-stop operation.

The development field is divided into various machine vision applications for industrial use, integrated development of automation equipment for artificial intelligence and deep learning, and assists domestic and foreign enterprises to enter the field of smart manufacturing. Adhering to "Innovation and Creativity" combined with "Technology and Future", it has become a world-class optical product company.


Intelligent automatic optical 2D image contour/3D surface contour size measurement, AI automatic optical defect detection equipment; intelligent automatic optical 3D white light interference/conjugate focus measurement, AI automatic optical wafer/wafer defect detection equipment; intelligent automatic capacitive crystal Round thickness measuring equipment, and also provide customized model planning services.


precision metal/plastic processing industry, auto parts industry, rubber and plastic injection parts, electronics industry, steel industry, aerospace industry, semiconductor industry, panel industry, foundry industry, mold industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, automatic machinery industry, etc.


A brand with full self-development capability #Bueno Optics

For the local team in Taiwan, from planning, research and development, production and after-sales one-stop operation, highly flexible service, in-depth understanding of industry needs, provide the most appropriate solutions to customers according to different conditions, and also have customized machine planning and Development services, built for the most direct pain point needs of customers, online and offline equipment, and perfect automation integration.


Innovative growth, lifelong learning

We grasp opportunities, evaluate future trends, combine creative ideas with technology, bring greater convenience to generations, create greater happiness in life, enterprises seek growth, and employees learn together for life.

Long-term strategy, sustainable operation

We adjust our pace at any time to meet this ever-changing generation, long-term strategic planning and careful implementation, so that we will not be distracted by short-term sprints.

Global market development

Our goal is the global market, not only limited to Asia, with Taiwan as the R&D center, to expand the company's product characteristics and build a global international trade road.