Customize inspection


Defect Inspection System

Use the industrial camera and low-distortion lens to shoot the case above, cooperate the ring light source/dome light source/light source in different spectra, highlight the surface defect to obtain the inspection photos in high contrast, and analyze the images by back-end program to further determine NG or OK.


Intelligent Recognition System for AI Materials

Use the optical system (including industrial camera with high resolution, zoom lens and low-distortion lens) to shoot the materials above, cooperate the electric displacement platform and the light source of machine vision to highlight the profile of the material and obtain the photos of sample with high contrast, as well as extract the image characteristics by back-end program to further train neutral network.


3D Vision Inspection System for Micropatterns

Image acquisition device with adjustable pitch array | Scanning Line LED | Hi-end Image Processing System | Electric Rotation Platform | Uni-axial Electric Displacement Platform |


Inspection of curve radius and circumference

As shown in the cross-section profile of a linear laser beam and laser distance measurement, the lines on the photo shot above camera are analyzed. The positions of the averaged brightness on all vertical lines are calculated to reconstruct the surface profile, which can be applied for the production inspection in a combination of the production line.