Professional Technique

➤ Machine Vision Measurement and Inspection Applications
➤ Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
➤ Integrated Development of Automation Equipment

AOI automatic optical inspection uses machine vision as a measurement and inspection technology to replace human eye, brain and hand movements to judge and detect product defects to improve the shortcomings of traditional human inspection using optical instruments.

Hequanfeng is a countermeasure of advanced optical intelligent measurement/detection technology, assisting domestic enterprises in the integration of equipment demand, the introduction of production line detection, and entering the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Countermeasures of Advanced Optics


BUENO OPTICS's automatic optical inspection equipment

From optical imaging system architecture design, image processing, logic calculation technology, to mechanism design, motion control, etc., we have a complete set of automatic optical measurement/inspection equipment solutions.

High Speed
High Stability
Low Difficulty
High Degree of Data
Automatic optical measurement/inspection equipment can identify and measure multiple objects and sizes at the same time. Personnel only need to click the measurement button, and the data can be obtained quickly.
High precision, high repeatability of measurement results, does not vary from person to person. The intelligent identification function automatically measures to eliminate human differences.
Humanized operation interface design, easy to understand and quick to learn. Anyone can easily get started without long-term education and training.
The device can compile the data by itself, without manual transcription. The measurement data can be automatically uploaded to the ERP/MRP/MES system, which is beneficial to the follow-up data traceability.

Exclusively developed automatic optical inspection equipment

Using high-speed and high-precision AOI automatic optical image detection/measurement technology, it replaces the traditional human eye detection and improves the efficiency of quality management.

Customer Performance

Good equipment can improve production efficiency and product quality. Humans are more likely to make mistakes than machines. The tedious work without thinking is transferred to the machine, and the manpower is invested in the work that requires more creativity or thinking, shortening the product development and production cycle. Reducing costs means increasing profits. Hequanfeng accelerates future product layout and planning for customers, simultaneously enhances soft and hard power, improves system integration, assists enterprises in transformation and upgrading, creates a new stage for enterprises in the future, and builds international competitiveness beyond expectations.