• Detection integration system
  • Detection integration system

Detection integration system

Model : 6at

Advantages and characteristics

 AI defects image processing and deep learning

    Self-developed machine vision integrated image processing and AI image deep learning, which can perform CNN deep learning on each defect image to improve inspection accuracy. Applicable to defect inspection of various material objects or semiconductor defect inspection.

 Diversified automated integration

    The system integrates high-speed industrial cameras, optical systems and hig h- precision optical ruler XY electric displacement platform. The system can also integrate robotic arms to improve efficiency.

 Automatic recognition、Classification and counting、Data can be integrated with MES system

    Automatic grab、identify product surface defects、Automatic classification and counting、upload the final data results to the MEMS system.

 Microscope autofocus system

    Applicable to the field of semiconductor wafers to solve the problem that the shallow depth of field of high-magnification microscope images is not

easy to focus, which causes difficulty in image interpretation.

AI intelligent optical measurement/inspection integrated system